vixen full length tight

USD $61.76

COLOUR: black
Make room in your wardrobe 'cos you must-have the vixen full length leggings in your workout drawers! You'll LOVE the Vixen performance fabric which flatters the form whilst holding you in. Features include: Running Bare logo elastic around the mid rise waist band for stylish supportive comfort, gusset and reflective bear stamp logo. MADE IN AUSTRALIA

72% nylon / 28% elastane

The fabric that guarantees to hold you in for a leaner, sleeker silhouette, but still with structured comfort.

  • high sheen providing a fashion edge
  • luxe performance
  • superior stretch and return for optimum fabric memory
  • contains 28% elastane for a firm structured hold
  • feels like a second skin
  • incredible colour hold
  • quick drying
  • breathable
  • moisture-wicking
  • perfect for cardio and medium impact activities

Product code: B15289V

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