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Spring / Summer 17

by: Running Bare

Running Bare's "Grit and Grace", Spring 2017 collection, once again takes it next level.

The RB season mantra is all about pushing beyond your best and defining who you are. With elevated prints, exclusive performance fabrics and luxe finishes in an athleisure collection curated for women everywhere: from the office to the gym and beyond.

Fierce, feminine and fashion forward; Running Bare debut's it "Grit and Grace" campaign for Spring 17 with two of the modelling circuits current power houses: Amy Pejkovic and Kyra Tavernier.

Amy & Kyra encapsulate the RB signature woman. They are fierce, edgy and feminine as well as being able to MOVE and take the collection through its paces to showcase RB's fit and flexibility.

Amy and Kyra show how the face of RB is both aspirational & ageless: 18 year olds want to be her, and 35 year olds can identify with her.

Come behind the scenes where they sweated it out at Sydney's iconic Carriageworks, as we get up close and personal with Amy and Kyra.


Australian world champion High Jumper and runway IT-girl. Amy Pejkovic, fronts the Spring 17 campaign & truly portrays the Running Bare "Grit and Grace" mantra.

At the age of 24, Amy has gained some amazing achievements, being ranked as Number 2 in the world for high jump, whilst also building a successful modelling career.

Amy is an athlete first, and a model second. Luckily she can move beautifully between the 2 fields which very few athletes and/or models can.

Life hasn't always been easy for Amy, at the age of 19 her dreams to compete in the Olympics were put on old when she was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

This didn't stop Amy and fortunately, Amy's hard work has paid off and she is currently training to make the Australian athletics team for both the Commonwealth Games in 2018 and Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020.

Amy is the Australian success story that everyone loves & was always at the top of Running Bare's wish list as she embraces RB fierce feminine female to its core.

We took some time out with Amy, to find out her secrets to success:

You have conquered being an elite athlete and modelling, what’s been your most memorable achievement in both? Placing 2nd at the World Youth Championships in 2009, held in Italy.

You look super fresh and energetic this morning, can you spill your secrets on what it is that you do 24 hours prior to turning up on set? Get a tan! #spraytanlife

How did your fitness training change when you stepped into the modelling world as well as being an athlete? It didn’t really change much at all. If anything, modelling impacted my time to work out!

At such a young age you have achieved so much, is there anything exciting in the pipeline? With modelling, you never know! It’s always a surprise! But with High Jumping, I hope to trial for the Commonwealth Games

If we opened google search right now on your iPhone, what would we find? Haha. Anything and everything.

Are you the cook or the cleaner at meal time? 50/50!

We all have a weak spot – what’s your indulgent? Nutella calzone croissant

If you could describe your personality in 3 words, what would they be? Veracious, energetic, ambitious.  

Top 3 things you can’t go to the gym without? Water, training diary, packet of frogs! 


Once Amy was cast it was a matter of finding her compliment which we did as soon as UK-Dominican born, Kyra Tavernier walked through the door. Kyra is relatively new to the modelling scene but is going to be a powerhouse. 

Kyra is incredibly fit, after years of dedicating herself to dancing, and a true natural beauty. Kyra has that sexy, fierce, feminine core that embraces all that Running Bare is.

Kyra's vivacious personality and standout beauty made her the perfect choice to represent Running Bare in the Spring 17 campaign.

With an extensive modelling career taking her to all corners of the globe, Kyra gives us her tips for staying grounded when at home.

Where is your all time fav gym/trainer/fitness class abroad? My home gym is Virgin Active. They pretty much have one everywhere and with my membership I can access their gyms abroad too. I love the classes they have there typically boxing and yoga.

It looks like you are based between London and Australia right now? How do you cope with all that travel and still manage to keep fit and get your beauty sleep? Obviously, the distance between Australia and London is soooo far, so the flight is very long meaning sitting for ages either sleeping or eating. When travelling I make sure I buy a lot of healthy food in the airport (fruits, nuts, salads, crackers, smoothies etc) that I can eat instead of the typically unhealthy/tasteless airplane food. I try to avoid watching too many films & sleep for as long as I can during flights so that I look fresh when I land.

Since your job involves keeping fit, what’s your hot tip on eating clean when travelling extensively? As I am pretty much always out and about while travelling, I like to buy food that I can easily eat on the go that I don't need to cook or sit down and eat. I tend to buy things I can snack on regularly throughout the day such as bags of tomatoes, carrots, apples, bananas, nuts, smoothies etc.

Where will we find you on a Friday night? My typical Friday night would be sitting in front of the TV watching films with a tub of vegan ice cream haha.

Current fitness class obsession? My favourite class that I go to is Bikram yoga, it's so intense but I genuinely feel like I've had a real workout.

If we opened google search right now on your iPhone, what would we find? Probably a clothing website, online shopping is what I do best ;)

What does your daily routine consist of? If I'm not working usually. Wake up. Eat breakfast. Netflix & chill. Go to the gym. Come home for lunch. Shower. Go for a walk in the park. Come home for dinner. Netflix & chill. Bed... wow I'm boring lol

How do you push through those weeks when you are literally dragging yourself to training?
I live with my boyfriend who is also a model/gym freak so it usually works out that the days I'm feeling lazy, he is feeling motivated so he drags me along.

The one meal a week you cannot live without?
My go to breakfast is a green juice and a raspberry smoothie bowl with all the toppings (extra cacao nibs)

Your ultimate fitspo? I always look on @bikinidolls Instagram - they always post girls with the most amazing bodies, this tends to motivate me a lot.

In between flights, what’s your beauty saviour? I always make sure I carry my shea butter and coconut lip balm, the airplane aircon can be so dehydrating.


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