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Ways to snack better without the guilt

by: Keira Rumble — aka ‘Krumble

We’ve all been there. 3pm comes around, you feel a bit peckish, your mind starts to wonder, no time for a big meal.

What do you do?

1.    Go without (resulting in those extra typos at work, that brain fog, that sluggish feeling)
2.    Binge on that not so good for you food, making you feel instantly better, but does it really?
3.    Get prepared, pack wisely and fuel your body with the right sort of food

I know the media plays havoc with everyone’s mind about ‘fad diets’. I am a firm believer in not dieting, but living life in balance (have that bloody piece of pizza if you want! Just not all day everyday)

For me, what works is a higher protein intake and keeping my sugar intake to a minimum.

Protein is a powerhouse nutrient that helps to slow down digestion and keep your blood sugar regulated. In fact, some studies have shown that protein can help keep those cravings away.

So you might be sitting here, reading this, thinking ok sure. But last time I checked, having a steak in a sandwich bag in your handbag isn’t really an option

…and I totally agree!

I always look for convenient, on the go, protein packed snacks to help keep me in check.

All you need is good produce, great Tupperware and a little bit of preparation.

My top healthy, high protein “go to” work snacks are.

  1. Veggie sticks with hummus sprinkled with flaxseed.
  2. Celery and peanut butter (an oldie but a goodie)
  3. Coconut yoghurt/Greek yoghurt with good quality protein powder mixed in
  4. Activated dry roasted chickpeas
  5. Activated dry roasted nuts
  6. Edamame beans with chili salt
  7. Overnight chia pud with protein powder & almonds
  8. High protein and low sugar protein balls (like Krumballs!)
Most of all, just relax, take a deep breath and enjoy the food you're eating. It is ok if you slip up, don’t beat yourself up - because moderation is key!


K x

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