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How to stay fit and healthy while being a girlboss too

by: Alyce Cowell from Bossy Creative

Look, being a #girlboss is hard work. You get up early, go to bed late, and work work work in between. It doesn't leave much time for healthy eating and exercise, which means you have to come up with a few sneaky tactics if you want to do it all. Luckily for you, I own my own biz, and I like staying fit and healthy too, so I've done all the hard work for you! Here are my top five tips - take notes.

Wear activewear to work - it will increase your girlboss abilities by 1000%

If you work in a relaxed office (or better yet, from home) swap your constricting corporate wear for activewear and watch your productivity levels sky rocket! Everyone knows wearing gym clothes helps you get out of bed a little easier and move a little faster, so what better place to wear it than to work? Bonus: you can hit the gym straight after work, so you'll never miss that 6pm pilates class again.
If you have lots of dress codes at work that get in the way of life, try implementing a free dress day once a week or month, where staff are encouraged to wear their activewear for, you know, health and stuff.

Schedule exercise like an important meeting. No exceptions!

Why is it that once our diaries fill up, exercise is always the first to go? I’ve been known to prioritise last-minute manicures, and can be persuaded to have a wine in the sun instead of that afternoon spin class, which is why I lock in my workouts for 6am every morning (when literally nothing else is possible/open).

Depending on your life, plan your weekly exercise and write it (in pen, not pencil!) into your diary. Schedule long walks with friends on Saturday mornings, followed by coffee, because it’s more fun and less chore.

Make friends with quick, effective exercises

We know by now it’s not really necessary (or fun) to spend hours slaving away in the gym to get the bod of our dreams. It takes variety; you have to mix it up with all sorts of exercise.

If you’re a busy girlboss with only five minutes spare in the morning, or you travel a lot, you can still get your daily hit of exercise with quick, effective workouts. I love skipping – it can be done anywhere, your skipping rope can be packed into any overnight bag and you’ll be feeling the effects in about two minutes. If skipping isn’t your thing, create a quick circuit workout that you can do in your lounge room or hotel room before you start the day.

Work while you workout

I’m rarely without my phone, so if I’m having a busy week, I’ll save any on-the-go tasks – think replying to emails, editing Instagram photos, brainstorming – to do while I’m on a long, romantic walk (with my phone).

This way, you can spend your 9-5 working on the important stuff. Being outdoors will also help to clear your mind, so you’ll find yourself thinking more creatively too.

Arrange meetings at cafes you know have healthy options… or keep healthy treats at home

Working from home means I’m constantly being distracted by the TV, my comfy bed and… what’s in the fridge. To combat this problem, I make sure I have plenty of healthy snacks to pick at throughout the day, and healthy treats for when 3:30-itis kicks in (or 11:30-itis, or 1:30-itis). Other than the usual suspects – nuts, goji berries, pineapple etc – I try and make some of my own before the week begins. My favourites are rocky road, chocolate truffle ball and lemon coconut slice… all clean-eating versions, of course!

Cafes are like my second office, so I always choose ones that have delicious black coffee and healthy-but-yum options for breakfast and lunch. If I have a meeting, I check my go-to list and casually suggest one in the area, in a natural, it-just-popped-into-my-head type way, of course.

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