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The lead hand in your fighting position thrown in a whip like fashion, using the leverage of the whole body to send the hand out as fast as lighting, remembering to remain relaxed in the shoulders. As the arm moves out to strike the wrist should begin to rotate like a screwdriver ending with the fist square on the pad (All Knuckle contact). As the hand makes contact it should recoil back to the face as fast as possible keeping the face well protected. Emphasise more speed on this strike with little focus on power, use this shot to set up other hands and combinations.


The rear hand of your fighting position. Resting on the chin, the rear hip begins to rotate forward causing the hand to begin to travel out and across the midline of the body. making contact with the target while hip and shoulder are both rotated forward inline and knuckles are square on the target. As the hip whips out it must then whip back to the rear recoiling the hand back to the chin for protection like the jab. Legs play a vital role in the development of this punch ensuring the transfer of weight is swift from front to back whilst maintaining good balance.  Focus on power and precision for this hand, this is your thunder to the lighting (jab).


The use of either the lead or rear hand. Looking to make contact with the side of the target. The movement begins in the hips as they rotate in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction (depending on hand used) ensuring the elbow is level with the wrist drive through the hips and core as it makes contact through the target. Place this punch after a cross in a combination, sure for devastating results.


The use of either the lead or the rear hand. Looking to make contact underneath the target striking in an upward motion. Rotation of hips is the generator of power. A close range shot looking to get the knock out blow. Use at different angles in conjunction with other punches in combinations for best results.


KEEP YOUR HANDS UP AT ALL TIMES a task that will prove difficult in the deeper rounds.

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