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Stocking Up | Why a Healthy Kitchen is Easier than a Diet Trend

by: Belinda N.S. Women’s Health and Fitness educational expert


Finding the right path to health begins with the food that you see daily and this is the food in your kitchen. Belinda N.S. takes us through her expert tips on how to keep your diet on the right side of the track.


We humans are a funny bunch because when we see crave foods we want it immediately! And if seen multiple times, well then the necessity to have it becomes more intense. For example if you open your fridge and the first thing you lock your eyes on is a piece of leftover cake or a packet of Tim Tams, then you poor brain has already decided that you are eating that.  It is very hard to go back once you have already started the process of ‘want’.  So in order to curb this, the foods in your fridge and pantry that are ‘wholesome and nutritious’ must be at eye level and the ‘treat type foods’ placed on the high shelves out of first sight.

 Here’s my hints and tips on how to create a healthy kitchen:

  1. Rid your pantry and fridge of treat foods and high sugar carbohydrates e.g. Cakes, biscuits, donuts, packet snacks, any treat type food.
  2. Wipe out your fridge and pantry.
  3. Create a grocery and fresh fruit market list.
  4. Find some plastic reusable containers or glass jars with lids to store your foods in. This creates as ‘visual foodie deliciousness’ as it is more enticing than foods stored in packets with a rubber band.
  5. Place in your fridge the foods in an order of: yogurts, whole fruits and cut up fruits together on the shelve you see (eye level)
  6. Have containers of cut up vegetables (carrots, a bowl of whole small apples, a container of hummus, filled water bottles, sparkling water, coconut water) so they are ready to grab.
  7. Have leftovers placed in single meal size containers ready to heat up in the microwave when ‘HANGRY’ hits.
  8. Place your fresh granola and other nuts in storage containers in clear view.

And my final tip is, I always make time I make time to prepare food on a Sunday afternoon. Firstly, I will look at what is required by making a groceries list. I will do the groceries including all fruit and vegetables from the markets. Then I prepare the foods for the week, baking muesli, roasting salad nuts, make protein balls, cut up carrots, celery or other vegetables, cut watermelon or other large fruits into smaller sizes and place them in containers ready for small or large hands to grab!  

Enjoy b.x


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