About Us

Born in 1983 in Sydney, Australia, Running Bare has always been the brand that specialises in meeting every woman’s sports, active & leisure wear needs. 
30 years on, we are now stronger and more fabulous than ever and we want women everywhere to LIVE IT, LOVE IT & ROCK IT in Running Bare in whatever they choose to do. 
We believe that all women should look & feel  fantastic during every workout & it’s our mission to make this happen for all of our Bare Crew VIPs  & women everywhere. 
From  leggings & tights to push up crop tops & boyfriend tanks we have everything for you from wardrobe to workout. It’s pretty simple, really  but others just don’t seem to get it…. it’s a girl thing! And the Running Bare team designs every garment with this in mind ,  so we can kit you out from top to toe ! 

In the Bare-ginning… 

We’ve come a long way since the early 80s but we’ve always been in front of the game… always ahead of the latest trends and producing the most functionally fashionable sportswear  you can find.  
Brian and Corin Powell had a vision to provide Australian made , quality womens sportswear,  and they continue to deliver on this very promise, to this day .  As an avid gym goer , Corin struggled to find outfits that she felt  fabulous in while working out – Corin knew that developing this new line of  specialised womens sports & activewear was a must.
It was from here that Running Bare was born!!! 
This small family operation took on a life of its own, as the demand for Running Bare has sky-rocketed across the country. Starting with a few employees in Sydney, RB has now grown into an international business with far reaches across the globe with our R B gurus spread all over the countryside and abroad.  Covering all your workout needs including:  running, yoga, zumba, pilates, pole dancing and  any &  all  of your sportswear needs. We are all about quality, colour and fun & it shines through in  all of our collections so make sure you check out our new arrivals!
And remember whatever you are doing during your busy day, don’t forget to …’LIVE IT, LOVE IT, ROCK IT!!!’ with Running Bare
The Running Bare Crew